October 25, 2020

The Savoring

It feels strange to share this post when our country is on the brink of who knows what with the election but I’ve been doing my best to turn my gaze and thoughts and listening away from the media and as best I can, continue to look for the yumminess around me whenever I can.

Someone close recently shared with me that there is a strong connection between happiness and being able to savor life through our senses. This rang so true for me. Sensuous from an early age, I like many of you no doubt, experience so much of life in a very deep way, through touch, taste, scent, sight and music. This is partly just born temperament perhaps but also that I had parents who were both very sensuous and spoke frequently about the joy of receiving from all things beautiful, delicious and incredible.

Our senses are simple, free, pleasures in life. How lucky are we in this ability to reap their treasures? Tapping more deeply into my senses has been another silver lining of Covid for me.

I’m curious now as I write this, how much being in tune with our senses has to do with strengthening the 6th sense of intuition?

I imagine that there is a strong connection with living a sensuous life and the ability to feel energies and receive knowledge that we can't explain. We’re all intuitive in some way, especially the quieter we are, which allows us to do things like tap into someone's words unspoken or the tippy top view of a situation.

This brings me to the 7th sense of body awareness and all the information and messages we can receive by simply tapping into how our bodies feel. The messages our body gives us can run the gamut from a fight or flight response, to an actual pain in the neck when we're around someone who is one, to how wonderful someone or something feels, or not.

Wayne Dyer was so accurate when he said “It’s right, when your body feels good.”

Our mind plays tricks but our body's subtle or not so subtle messages, are like truth serum.

Slow down,
Stop striving

And cross your fingers that the kook in the White House will soon be no longer!

This is my message to share today.

Sending love to you all,