August 18, 2022

Allowing Our Piles to Grow


I've missed writing but life has felt as of late, as it often does, like a bit of whirlwind.

Woven into the chaos of all the crazy things that are happening in the world and in our country, not to mention environment, I have been discovering a new chapter and renewed happiness for myself.

I spent time tonight reading through some old posts here on Lines of Beauty, reflecting back over more than a handful of tumultuous years.

I guess what I want to share the most is that I have found new life & lightness for myself, after all the turmoil. 

I was pretty certain that I would reach this clearing although I remember being so afraid to make the JUMP, now almost 3 years ago.

I am here to say, that if you are in a rocky relationship, that you've worked hard to save and simply cannot, trust yourself to find a better place for yourself.

Find the courage. It won't be easy but you will be ok!

Today, I was telling one of my kids that I wanted to go to the movies alone but that it felt kind of scary.

She said, "Mom you always use to love going to the movies alone, what's underneath this?

I stopped and thought. Going to the movies alone never use to make me feel lonely, but I was afraid that it might or retrigger the feelings of loneliness that naturally came with divorce.

So I jumped in the car and WENT TO THE MOVIES ALONE and it was so nice!

Especially having not been in a theatre since covid hit.

Anyway, I love the above quote. It's so true! Let's keep piling on good things. We don't have to solve our whole life, nor can we.

Be organic, let life flow. There is no need to define anything, except for what makes us happy and unhappy.

Life is short, especially now.

Let's get on with doing what we love to do and don't let anyone rock our joy!

If something costs us our peace, it's too expensive.

(and we know if something is right, when it feels good in our bodies).

So stay away from the news, most of the time.

notice beauty, 

notice honor

and keep letting our piles of good things grow.

Here's to love!

Spread it everywhere, 

like sunshine,