June 24, 2010

Aging Gracefully by Taking Leaps

This week's Aging Beauty is Jules Pieri who is 50 years old. Jules is the founder of Daily Grommet- a cool marketplace for inventive consumer products. Daily Grommet finds really fresh, creative products and tells a story about them, and the person behind them, with a short video clip.  The video gets delivered by email, every weekday around noon. Genius! I always look forward to seeing what great new ideas they have discovered.

I first met Jules when she stopped by The Hole Thing booth at a holiday craft market I was at. I looked at her and said, "Where do I know you from? Wait don't tell me..." After a minute I realized that I had seen her smiling face many times when the Daily Grommet product video arrives in my inbox every weekday at lunchtime. Soon after meeting Jules, the wonderful Daily Grommet team came to visit my studio to film a Grommet about my felted wool line.

Here are Jules's secrets to aging:
  • Delusion. I discovered this by accident. Here's what I mean: I happened to put in frosted hand blown Italian sconces in my home bath when I was 33, and never gave a thought to their flattering light. Now I think I look great every morning! But it does make the harsh light in our office bathroom very hard to take.

  • Take care of your teeth, skin, muscles, and heart. I use a Grommet on my skin--Elizabeth Coburn Gentle Enzyme Peel--every Sunday night. I've also always been a flosser. For heart and muscles I love the 6AM Boot Camp out on the public soccer field I've been doing for a couple years.

  • Taking Leaps. I am not winding down at age 50, I am winding up. Mainly professionally, but I like learning new things like rock climbing and trying things that scare me. Adrenaline must have some anti-aging properties, no?

Thanks Jules, and I hope for continued success with Daily Grommet.


  1. The delusion comment is hilarious! I have not replaced bulbs in my bathroom for this very reason. Every morning I think--wow, I have the most beautiful skin! Then I come into work and then I need a dermatologist, pronto. ha!

  2. I know! How perfect that low-energy bulbs came out just when baby boomers need them!

  3. Flossing is on Livestrong's top ten ways for staying healthy. It's right in there with eating well and exercising: www.livestrong.com/article/133343-top-10-ways-stay-healthy/

  4. Thanks for the (tea and) sympathy and humor, ladies.

  5. Very pretty lady! Plus humorous and insightful. I've enjoyed the comments flowing back and forth. No wonder you maintain a strong connection with her Louise.

  6. Jules - you are an inspiration. Thanks for featuring her Louise! I had never heard of Daily Grommet before. I've signed up for the emails. Love the idea of "Citizen Commerce"

  7. An addition to the "delusion" comment in haiku:

    Got reading glasses, better not seeing those lines, those in the mirror

    Enjoy each and every year, celebrate them for those who never got this far.

  8. Kevin, it's so great to have a male reader!

    Lifetraveler, thank you for your comment. Daily Grommet is such a fabulous company.

    Iamagnat, I love what you said: "Enjoy each and every year, celebrate them for those who never got this far." So important to remember.

  9. Daily Grommet - catchy name and great idea! I am constantly "inventing" things and wondering how to get them out there.....silly things that no one would really want! Love the low light comments too...the makeup mirror in my car reminds me how low the light in my dressing area really is...ha ha!