June 29, 2010

Do What You're Afraid To Do

Just like this past week’s Aging Beauty, 80 year-old Janey Cutler, likes to take leaps as well.

Janey Cutler, a Glasgow, Scotland mother of seven, recently auditioned for the TV show Britain’s Got Talent. She says that she always loved singing, but initially thought she was much too old for the show.

Then a friend put her up to the audition saying, “Janey, go for it. Better late than never dear.”

So she did.

Above she sings No Regrets.

I love the reactions of the judges. And hers.

Turn up your volume & enjoy.

Thanks to Ellen for sending this in.


  1. What an inspiration!

  2. I swear, I am turning into a sap. Crying away over here!

  3. Oh My Louise!

    Janey is absolutely Amazing.......! I was laughing and crying through the entire video!
    I love her! What a courageous woman!
    This is the best thing I have seen in a long while!

    God Bless Janey and all her Talent!!
    She truly had a God given Gift!

  4. Maybe it takes all those years to say, "Here I am--hear me out." I've been to Glasgow. It's a very tough place and I could imagine all kinds of things Ms. Janey might have endured in her 80 years.

    This really is the essence of true beauty, having nothing to do with a pink glow to the cheeks, smart accessories, a well-kept figure or genetic advantages. It reminds me to take interest in everyone as though they had a powerful unsung song.

  5. She really is an inspiration. To go in front of 3,000 plus people in that auditorium- not to mention television cameras...my gawd does she have guts.
    Anonymous, this really is the essence of true beauty. I've been thinking about writing a piece about what beauty really is...She certainly gets one of my votes. She does remind us to "take interest in everyone as though they had a powerful unsung song." Because,you know...everyone has one.

  6. Chills!! Just goes to show...never ever give up, and yes, do what you love no matter what age! Our bucket list continues till the day we move to that other dimension...who knows what continues from there:)Thank you Louise, Janey is wondrous!!