July 02, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Generosity

This week’s Aging Beauty is Elizabeth Beech who is 45 years old. She is one of the founding members, and is on the advisory board of, the African Well Fund, which funds much needed water projects in sub-Saharan Africa. As of this posting The African Well Fund has enough votes to win 20k from JP Morgan Chase Community Giving on July 13th but would be very grateful to anyone who would like to vote and continue to secure their spot.

Elizabeth also has a new travel blog called The Life Traveler.

Here is her advice about aging gracefully:
  • My motto is - Live greatly. Live generously.
  • I sleep about 4-5 hours per night. A 30-minute power nap in the afternoon keeps my energy level up.
  • Don't be afraid to look silly - Every Friday at 2pm, regardless of where I'm at, I put on the song Guantanamera. I dance and sing along and try to get everyone around me to do the same.
Elizabeth’s picture was taken while dancing to Guantanamera  in California's wine country.

It's 2:00 PM on Friday here on the east coast so in celebration of Elizabeth, and the 4th of July....I bring you Guantanamera!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone :-)


  1. This is so fabulous. I'm going to dance to this version of Guantanamera twice today! Thank you!

  2. I have been dancing to Guantanamera all week:-)

    I like the lyrics too.

    Here's the first verse:

    "I am an honest man
    From where the palm tree grows
    And before dying I want
    To share the verses of my soul.
    Guantanamera, guajira, Guantanamera"

  3. As a good friend of Elizabeth's, I will need to add a few more things:

    1. She has baby skin. Seriously--baby skin. Not one wrinkle. Smooth, super soft, glowing. She may be 45 but she has the skin of a 4 month old. What's that, you say? Why YES! I am totally jealous!

    2. I met Elizabeth while working with Habitat for Humanity. As a volunteer, she helped me raise over $60,000 from her employer's grant and matching gifts programs and continued to help them after I left. When I moved to the American Diabetes Association, she made a huge personal gift. Volunteer hours, starting the African Well Fund *in her spare time*, fat cash, an ear when you're about to lose it--she is THE most generous, giving person I have ever known.

    3. Did I mention the skin?

    4. She's the best auntie in the world. I can make this claim as an aunt of 5 nephews and 4 nieces!

    5. She has great business sense and an uber creative mind.

    And finally, of course, I love her dearly.

  4. Oh Aldra it's so good to hear more about Elizabeth. Thank you for chiming in with what a wonderful person she is.

    Okay Elizabeth what's your advice for that smooth, supersoft and glowing skin at age 45? It isn't Guantanamera is it?

  5. This is a great post Louise!

    I love Elizabeth's spirit and energy!
    I also love what she says about living with Generousity!
    The Guantanamera is so fun! Wonderful video and music!

  6. Si, esta mujer es realmente una belleza una inspiracion! I admit that I'm misrepresenting myself. I don't know a lick of Spanish. I looked up how to say..."yes this woman is a beauty and an inspiration." I figured any one who danced to Guantanamera each Friday deserved a Spanish compliment. Add in the fund raising she does for such worthy, urgent causes.....she's the genuine article. Last...I'm a Latin music fan. On July 13th Telemundo is broadcasting Latin music awards live from Austin, Texas. There's going to be awesome music!! Perhaps Guantanamera......it's all good.