July 13, 2010

The Beauty of Aging Documentary

Something exciting is happening in the world of embracing aging, instead of dreading it… A wonderful documentary called The Beauty of Aging is currently being made in LA. The Beauty of Aging is the brainchild of documentary filmmaker Laurie Schur who created the idea for the project from her desire to find inspiring role models of aging for women. The one-hour documentary highlights the stories of active, extraordinary women over age 80 who are redefining old age with their zest for life. People over 80 are part of the fastest growing population in America. Through their creativity, sense of purpose, curiosity, and fearlessness, the women in the film show how fulfilling it can be to grow older.

Hedda Bolgar pictured above is just one of the extraordinary women featured in The Beauty of Aging. She keeps herself busy as a psychoanalyst and still sees clients four days a week. Here is the amazing thing though: Hedda will be 101 next month! (I kid you not). She feels that many people are afraid of aging and don’t see the tremendous gains that come along with it. She also said that it’s important to continue to be passionate about whatever it is that interests us, and to stay connected to lots of people.

How’s that for inspiration?

Passion really is huge for a fulfilling life, for all ages.

If you would like to watch a great trailer for Beauty of Aging click here.

Also,  From the Heart Productions, a non-profit sponsor of The Beauty of Aging is seeking donations so that the documentary can be completed for television broadcast and film festivals. From The Heart Productions is dedicated to funding films that are unique and make a contribution to society.

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Thanks everyone!