August 13, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Modeling

Photo by John W.Hession

This week’s Beauty of the Week is Kirsten Hede-Brierley, who will soon be 47 years old.

Kirsten came to New York in 1985 from Denmark on a 3-week modeling job/exchange between agencies. She didn't plan to stay in the US, but after meeting her American man "Prince Charming" Andrew, she changed her mind. They have now been happily married for 22 years.

Kirsten worked full-time for 7 years as a successful fashion model in New York, Boston, and Denmark. She retired from modeling to have two children. The kids are nearly full-grown: a son in college, and a daughter in high school.
In 2006, when the advertising market was ready to feature mature women over the age of 30, Kirsten restarted her modeling career. She signed with 6 modeling agencies, one in each New England state, including Maggie Inc in Boston.

Kirsten has many good thoughts on aging:

Growing up in Denmark, she stressed her parents as being great role models who placed emphasis on having a dependable lifestyle and a daily routine, with healthy food, bedtimes, exercise, and balance in all matters.

Kirsten likes to seek inner peace in a daily break from a busy life by taking a 20-minute afternoon nap, and through spirituality like Anthroposophy/Waldorf School where her kids went to elementary school.

Cassandra Zampini Photography

She strives to enjoy life, to be in the moment, and to try to reach out to old and young in her neighborhood and community. She loves to spend time with new and old friends from all walks of life. Her pets (cats and birds) give unconditional love. Kirsten previously had a nursing home therapy dog, and now has an abused/rescued mutt who needs a lot of love.

Kirsten tries to be aware of the phases in one’s life - not just physical but spiritual as well. Astrology is an added inspiration in her life. Professional Astrologer and friend Eric Linter’s daily forecast "is like checking the weather before you go out."

It’s important to be yourself and be grounded, and have a daily good belly laugh. Don't worry too much over the things we can't change, like aging and getting wrinkles. Keep your soul and spirit fed, and grow by reading, traveling and meeting all kinds of different people in domestic and foreign countries and cultures.

A good marriage is built on love, communication, friendship, and respect. Raising two caring, bright, now nearly "launched" kids, has brought my husband and me much joy and happiness.

In closing, Kirsten shared this poem by Danish poet Piet Hein:

while you've got
love to give.

while you've got
life to live.

Thank you Kirsten and best of luck in your continued success with modeling.