August 17, 2010

Uncover Your Natural Glow

Did you know that about once a month our bodies shed a layer of skin? Aging skin especially needs to be buffed and refreshed on a regular basis to revive it’s healthy glow. You’ve probably looked down at your legs from time to time and noticed that they can look dry. All they need is to be rubbed with a towel after a bath or shower to eliminate the old skin and recapture their shine.

This may be old news to many of you, but the same goes for our faces. If we don’t exfoliate the dry skin on our face, it looks dull and ashen. Dry skin dulls our complexion and exfoliating allows our freshest, most radiant skin to shine through. Kind of like buffing an apple! I learned this trick many years ago in an article that interviewed model Christie Brinkley about her love of exfoliating.

To remove old cells on our face and body is easy. And we don’t need to get fancy and spend a gazillion dollars. I usually do it in the shower every few weeks with a facecloth and a bit of soap. You can also use a soft loofah and a homemade salt rub. I’ve even heard you can use leftover coffee grounds ( ooh... ick? )

Remember that if you can’t pronounce what it is in a store bought exfoliator then you probably don’t want it on your skin.

Here is a great natural exfoliator that you can easily make at home:

1/8 cup of olive oil and a heaping tablespoon of fine sea salt. You can also use honey and a bit of water instead of olive oil. Another good combination is almond oil and sugar.

Have fun uncovering your natural glow my beauties :-)


  1. Sounds good. I'm going to try the oil and sugar, think I'll pass on the coffee grounds!!

  2. I might be a baby, but I'd be wary of salt, sugar and coffee rubs (I use all of them on the rest of the body. The coffee is AMAZING. Tightens you right up. Kind of freakish, really, but fabulous!), because they can be really harsh and the skin of the face is more delicate.

    My favorite face rub is ground oatmeal with water and a touch of honey. Scrubs gently while naturally softening. Le fabulous!

  3. I agree CF! I should have warned you all to exfoliate lightly with the scrubs and wash cloths as well. You can easily get a rug burn on your face if you are too diligent and that would not give you a healthy glow :-)

  4. Thank you, Lou & CF, for the great exfoliating tips! I've recently discovered (thanks to our friend, Marci) organic coconut oil as a face lotion. I put it on at bed time and really work it into my soothing & replenishing. And... you can also put it on your toast!:)

  5. Thank you Louise,

    These are great tips for the skin!
    I am drawn to the honey and sea salt recommendation......maybe because I like honey....Lol....
    I am with Barbara, I am not too keen on the coffee grounds....must be a sensation thing.

    Lot of love,

  6. and one more point, keep away from pollution, fad diets and quick methods and junk foods. going all natural could really help boost your healht and healthy you means healthy overall.

  7. Well said Laser! Thank you. A healthy glow flourishes with fresh air, getting our heart puming, a good night's sleep,staying away from processed foods, and most of all- inner peace.

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