October 29, 2010

Aging Gracefully With Children

This week’s beauty is Kamala Madhu.

Kalmala and I were lucky to meet recently through a mutual friend who I went to high school with, and with whom she went to college. Small world.  Kalmala, and her husband of almost twenty-five years, have two college-age children. In addition, she has been teaching nursery school for thirteen years, and is a former president of the PTA, not just once, but twice.

Kamala has this to share about growing older:

For me, it's all about accepting how you look and who you are. I come from a family of women that don't do much to enhance their natural beauty, such as it is. I do wear make-up occasionally, but have never dyed my hair or even plucked my eyebrows. Writing this has made me wonder whether it's a matter of principle or the path of least resistance!

I still feel young in spite of my graying hair-I actually really like the way it looks. Working with young children keeps me on my toes. Occasionally the children will comment on my gray hair and say, "You look old!” but to a three year old, almost everyone looks old.

I have a relatively young mother (72) who has been an inspiration to me. She found a new path after her children went to college, becoming a professional photo archivist at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY, traveling extensively with my father, and gardening.  Her latest project has been keeping chickens-she loves them!

I am fifty and have never had a problem telling people my age.

You are as old as you are.

Thank you Kamala for being this week's beauty.


  1. Hey Madhu...way to go!! I have long known of your natural (inner & outer) beauty & have always admired your carefree attitude about it, which you exuded even at a young age (a rare find in college women!). See Louise---I knew you two would hit it off!!

  2. Kamala and her sister Kalyani were the beauties of Brighton High School. Some things never change! =)

  3. Kamala IS a natural beauty and a genuinely graceful woman. She is comfortable in her skin and it shows. Wish I could be more so, myself.

  4. I may have had more laughs with this woman than anyone else in my life....and I haven't seen her in about 25 years. She basically looks the same as she ever did. There is no need to pluck anything and the grey streaks look stylish. I think about her from time to time, just to think about her because she's a fun person and I catch myself saying: "Kamala would laugh at that."

  5. I wish I knew who all you anonymous, incredibly flattering people are?!

  6. Gosh darn, thanks Kamala. I am proud of you.

  7. I am not the first one: That would be creepy.
    The second one is a woman. I would have little natural beauty as a woman.
    You remember the German word for Eagle...

    What you wrote was very interesting and nice.

  8. Kamala has and always will be one of those rare few that electrify and energize a room by entering, with wit, charm and beauty. The only problem with her making us laugh constantly, is now that I am standing on 50's doorstep-I have to work harder at not peeing! I saw a recent interview with Jane Fonda (72). She said it all begins at 50.