November 01, 2010

Help, Hope and Healing

This past weekend I had the honor of being interviewed about Lines of Beauty by my lifelong friend & soul sister Cynthia Brennen on her radio show Help, Hope and Healing. This photo,circa 1978, is of Cindy and me senior year on deck at our high school swimming pool.

Two fish out of the water goofing around as usual :-)

Cindy is a mind, body, spiritual and emotional wellness therapist and each week she interviews a new guest on her very inspirational show. This week we covered such topics as the positive sides of aging, and the physical, mental and emotional aspects to aging gracefully & enjoying life. Plus, several surprise topics thrown into the mix :-)

If you'd like to hear the interview you can easily download it to your computer, or to your iPod -so that you can go for a walk one of these glorious autumn days and enjoy the show.

To access the interview simply go to Cindy's website and in the 3rd column under "AM-WWLZ 820 Talk Radio" click on Lines of Beauty.

And have a good week everyone!


  1. Oh My MY Lou!! I remember this fun photo of us! What a time we had in our younger years & what a friendship. We truly grew up together, didn't we soul sis?

    I so much LOVED having you on Help, Hope & Healing. Your wit and wisdom helped so many in accepting who they are, naturally.

    Thank you for this post, Lou. Feeling nostalgic doesn't even cut it. From then to now, and so much in between...I love you, girlfriend! xoxoxo<3

  2. That is the cutest picture! Lou, I don't know what your daughter looks like, but I am certain that Cindy's daughters look like her! Isn't this just the sweetest relationship you 2 share? I have a few girlfriends like this still in my life, and there are no words to describe the deep connection to life that is shared.

    Bless you both! You both have an incredible gift, thank you for sharing!


  3. Oh Louise,

    I absolutely Love this pic of you and Cindy!
    You two were and still are sooo adorable!

    What a gift your deep friendship connection is that you two have with each other. Just Beautiful!

    I loved listening to you both on Cindy's show!
    You both were fabulous and had so much to share about the aging process and life.

    I gravitate to the older population.
    They are beautiful on so many levels.
    Their light shines through them as they just be who they are.

    All my love to you Louise!

  4. I remember those girls!!! they both grew up to be really great women! You are both so inspiring to me & to others---thank you for that (plus all the fun memories of younger days...)

  5. Gosh I love comments :-) I have another one to add: Love & friendship make the world go around. So happy to have you all in my life. XO

  6. That picture was taken just yesterday it seems. When I think back to the two of you in high school, it is no small wonder that you became the amazing women that you are. You two were both on top of the world as beautiful, smart, talented girls but the most wonderful thing about you both was how open and friendly you were. I cannot even imagine either of you throwing a nasty look at anyone or doing anything but encourage people along in their lives with no regard to status or any such thing. I don't think it occurred to either one of you to not be a positive force for everyone in your day. As I said, it is no small wonder that you both , as adults, are still doing the same thing for people. Makes a girl get a little overly sentimental.