December 03, 2010

Aging Gracefully with Love and Laughter

This week's beauty is Linda Labourene who is 65 years old. Linda is a mother and a grandmother, as well as an educator. She also has a wonderful spirit, and radiates great energy. Linda came to my annual trunk show a few weeks ago and when she told me she had turned 65 I was shocked, and curious to find out what is creating such vitality. A few summers ago I was in line behind Linda and her husband at an ice cream stand.  Because it was kind of dark, I didn't know it was them at first but I was intrigued with how sweet they were with each other and how much they were laughing.

Here are Linda's secrets to growing older:

"Getting older is just a state of mind.....go forward everyday feeling young, dressing to please yourself, and looking forward to each day with a warm feeling! Love and laughter are so important!!!"

Thank you Linda for being this week's beauty.