December 07, 2010

Your Inner Circle

Relationship coach Lisa Merlo-Booth recently caught my ear with her straight talk on relationships. Frequently when she begins working with a new client they start by discussing who is in her client's inner circle. She stresses allowing only those who treat us well to be in our inner circle. Sounds so simple, but I bet most of us can think of at least one person who we give (or have given) this privilege to who really doesn't deserve it.

Above is Lisa speaking on Smart Women Creating Smart Relationships. It's worth taking a minute or two to listen to it. She also has lots of great advice on her blog Straight Talk 4 Women. I  like her piece on Control and Criticism. Especially good to remember when we're so crazed this time of year don't you think?

More from Lisa in the future I hope.


  1. Wow Louise, this woman is inspiring. Such good. sensible advice, but so difficult to follow at times. I've always felt privileged to be in your inner circle and I'll happily guard your position in mine! Love you, T

  2. Very good advice. Looks like I need to do some house cleaning!

  3. Great Post Louise as always!

    Your 'Inner Circle' is so important in keeping your energy peaceful.
    I am a firm believer in having those in your life that are of 'like' energy.
    That of which compliments your own.

    It never fails, when opposing energy enters one's life, drama will result.
    You will feel drained for hours afterward.

    Your 'Inner Circle' requires love, honor and honesty between one another.


  4. Wonderful post Louise! Lisa is sooo right on. I often work with my clients on this very same fact, I've been cleaning and creating my inner circle more and more these days. It feels good to listen to my inner self as I create my outer surroundings. Positive energy in, negative energy out. I may have to borrow this one for my post...such a wonderful reminder for all of us! Love you my inner circle pal:)