December 31, 2010

Beauty Is An Inside Job

What if we think of aging as an art?

This week's beauty is artist and author Sophie Lumen who is 53-years-old.  I can't think of a more inspirational person to ring in the New Year with. Sophie is the creator of Feed The Beauty and the Art of Aging Creed, which I wanted to tell you about first because it is so good.

Here it is:
  •  I will age with humor, serenity and to the best of my efforts, health.
  •  I will continue to express my creativity and personal style.
  •  I will challenge the stuck way our culture looks at getting older.

The Three Pearls

 Here is what Sophie has to share about her project:

"I’ve always believed that life is not about dogma, niches, or stereotypes. It's about what creates beauty, laughter, and the energy we use for goodness and healing. Using my creative process as a visual artist as a foundation, I wrote White Rose to communicate all of the above, and it changed my life. Getting clear and practicing what is in the book led me to start The Art of Aging Project.

Because I experienced an early menopause and grandmother-hood; there was no way around aging for me. I wanted to find role models and relevant information for this new phase in my life.

I found aging issues online were centered around selling me something; wrinkle creams, annuities, healthcare products, etc. Born at the end of the 1950’s, I was supposed to be fitting into some kind of ‘Boomer Box’ - one of those niches I’ve spent my life avoiding.

I created The Art of Aging to form a real community of women powered by heart and wisdom, not marketing agendas. I started by asking and refining my own question:

“What if we think of aging as an art?…an effort called out of the soul that takes skill, guts and devotion to manifest…with the power to create laughter, seriously tweak stereotypes, and inspire?”

I moved on to The Art of Aging Facebook Page. The response was fantastic, passionate, and has rapidly grown into a 9300+ community full of open-hearted, diverse women. Women who are witnesses, listeners and encouragers of one another. I named them 'The Beauties'. They are an inspiration to me every day."

Below is just one of the many videos Sophie has made called RU Anti-Aging?. There are many more of her videos on the facebook link above.

Thank you Sophie for all the great inspiration for 2011, and beyond.


  1. I love your video! Haven't seen any of your others yet. My big anti aging beauty tip is to keep moving. I'm a stretching nut and it keeps me young.

  2. I love the video too. She has some really good ones. I like Sophie's concept of "Flailing" which she has a few videos of on youtube and maybe her site as well.

  3. Love this video and Love what you are doing out there to help others feel fab about who they are, Lou! Oh, and I love you too:)

  4. Aging is not a disease .You are so right:) It is a natural process but it doesn't mean we have to dry up like a prune and spend a fortune to stop the process.When the mind ages the body will follow.You are beautiful Sophie and I can see the glow behind your eyes . It vibrates all around you .I am turning 64 at the end of this month and believe me it is just a number . I am vibrant and have a joy of life and I find it so surprising when someone is shocked at my youthfulness . I am just me looking out through eyes that have seen much.It is a mindset .We are here in life to live it with as much joy as possible for as long as we are willing to accept life's blessings with gratitude for being here at all.I'd post a video and wave at you but can't figure out how to do this in here .. yet LOL. I love your Facebook page and am honored to have you as friend as well

  5. Thank you for sharing your video, I definitely learned something new about beauty.

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