January 04, 2011

New Year, New View

Photo by Caroline Fernandes
Frequently New Year's resolutions are about making new goals but this year I decided instead to think about what I don't want 2011 to be about- what I’d like to rid from my life that has basically been driving me a little craze-eee. You all can probably relate about something in your own life that every time you have to deal with it you’re like “This is driving me insane AGAIN ! This _____ is making me cranky and isn’t allowing me to age gracefully damn it!”  Grrrr…..  So I've devised a list- a short, very simple list, of three things that I want to eliminate from my daily life as much as possible in 2011:

  •   Do any of you get in a car with someone whose driving scares you? Well I have this situation in my world and I am tired of bracing and breaking and white knuckling it. In 2011, I vow to take the wheel as much as possible when I am with them.

  •   Do any of you have a particularly messy person in your life whose personal things you always have to maneuver around?  Me too! This year we’ve already had a discussion head-on about it and we've made an agreement so that our physical space will be less chaotic. Sounds so petty but to me it's already made a big difference.

  • Lastly, like many of you maybe, I try to reply to emails and phone calls right away. This year I've taken on a new approach: unless it's time sensitive, tomorrow or even the next day, is fine. Or maybe never :-)  Enough of this verging-on-Type-A- personality behavior...

    One of my favorite comics has been on my studio bulletin board for years. It makes me laugh every time I  look at it. I've posted it below for you to see. I unfortunately don't have any idea who created it.

            Here it is close-up:

      No Thursday's out. How about never? Is never too late?

      Isn't that great?

      Have a nice week everyone.



          1. I am now going to email you 100 times a day with cluttered notes. Does this make me evil? :P Happy New Year!

          2. Louis-a! Beautiful photo by Caroline!
            Now, I need to know if I'm one of the drivers you're talking about! I used to be a classic Boston driver but I've had to mellow out since I moved to SLOW-MOVING Vermont. Still, my mother is always pressing her imaginary break in the passenger seat when I'm driving...
            Also, I love that cartoon. I remember it from The New Yorker so I looked it up and it is from the talented Robert Mankoff. XOXO Tina

          3. Consciously frugal you made me laugh.

            Mad River Kitchen it isn't you. Wrong sex.

            Be sure to click on the picture of the flower. It's very cool. I think it is a coneflower but I'm not certain.

          4. OH! Little baby spiders! Really cool photo.