January 14, 2011

Aging Gracefully with Stretching For Health

This week's beauty is Deborah Farkas who is 58-years-old.  Deborah is a stretching trainer and massage therapist and is founder of the Stretching for Health Studio in Pinckney, Michgan. Deborah believes that regardless of your age, weight, level of fitness or lack of it, you can be better. You can feel years younger. You can be pain free. All in only 10 minutes a day. Can't make it to Pinckney, MI for one of her classes? Check out her site link above for lots of great stretches, like the one below, on video.

Here is Deborah's inspiring story:

I never really thought about growing older when I was young. I didn't have any good role models of older vibrant, active women. My mother was an "old" 40, no make-up, frumpy clothes and no physical activity. At 40 I was having my second child and still felt pretty young. As my 40's passed I started acquiring graying hair and some ache and pains. The graying hair I embraced, but not the decreasing flexibility and increasing low back and shoulder discomfort.

At 52 I started a stretching program for 15 minutes, a few days a week, and couldn't believe the change. It was like finding the fountain of youth! I felt years younger. I could move,sit, stand, drive a car for more than two hours without pain or stiffness. Now at the age of 58 I feel better than I did at 48.

Being able to do the activities I like (biking, hiking, kayaking) are the things that keep me feeling young. Not being able to do these things are what makes me feel old, not my graying hair, wrinkled neck or spreading bottom. I equate being old with being limited in mind and body. I love the saying "you're as old as you feel".

I've spent the past 8 years learning stretching techniques and studying with experts. Two years ago I opened the Stretching For Health Studio. My mission is to educate people on correct stretching techniques that in just a few minutes a day can change your life. 

Deborah you have me convinced. I am going to add a few of your stretches, like the one below, to the little routine I do before I head out for my run. What I like about this one is that it is so easy to do at my computer. Thank you for inspiring me. Louise