January 11, 2011

No Wonder Our Perception of Beauty is Distorted

If you've already seen this one minute video above it's worth seeing again. The other link to it on YouTube, which I was unable to embed, already has over 12 million views. 

The clip below is as equally powerful as well. No wonder there are so many women with eating and body distortion issues. I wish they didn't wait til high school health class to show these to the younger generation.

It all makes me want to go back to the "little house on the prairie" days.

Thanks to Julia for the heads-up.


  1. I hadn't seen the 2nd video before. WOW. Powerful. And so painfully true. I'm not sure what the lyrics actually say, but I heard "whoa, here comes the GREED." (I think it say breeze. ha!)

    I really appreciate this campaign from Dove. I've heard many criticisms of it, mainly that Dove won't be successful if they don't market "properly," which means that they must convince us there is something wrong with us that their products can fix. Absurd. It's perfectly possible to be a responsible company and market joyful, life-affirming messages. Although I don't use a lot of mainstream "beauty" products, I did start buying Dove stuff when I did need something of that sort thanks to their affirming campaign.

  2. That's an interesting criticism about Dove. I don't agree either. I think their marketing campaign is going is set them apart from the pack-especially as life carries on and people wake-up to all the horse shit we're being fed by companies.

  3. The 2nd video here titled Onslaught has been blocked on Youtube.

    It is still on vimeo however, here: (you will just need to cut and paste)