April 01, 2011

Aging Gracefully with the Flow of Life

This week's beauty is Marci Lubore Calantonio. Marci has a ninth grade child as well as two kids in college and says that her greatest pleasure has been being able to work from home and raise, engage, and inspire her kids. Marci was able to do this for the past twenty-five years by being a medical linguistic specialist that creates legal records of patient/doctor encounters. She is a floral designer and has her own interior design/consulting business called GoToYour Room Designs. Marci also loves nature and the opportunity to be with horses whenever she can.

Marci has this to share about her life:

I am a 48-year-old really spirited, vibrant, woman. I’ve worked hard to get here! I have arrived in my greatest version yet. I do not feel a bit old, I feel renewed. I remind myself that the circumstances of my life, the people I share it with, the like-minded souls I am meeting are all a part of my life’s best journey ~ the one that helps shape and mold me into who I really am. I am here to share and co-create beauty with many people all over the world. We all have a unique blueprint: our own inner beauty. We need to reveal our true colors! We need to declare what makes us happy and joyful, and then surround ourselves with it. We need to mirror our best reflection back into the world.

This is the best time in my life to ask how I feel about getting older. I am truly living my life in the flow with not much resistance anymore. I focus on abundance instead of hardship. I perceive every person I meet, every problem I endure, and every joy as a gift. I am meant to interact with others, for our respective benefits. I welcome change and expect it, as life is not meant to stand still. I am aging with a great attitude, healthy diet, red wine (add the brie and French bread ;), and engaging with people, places, and activities I love to do. My days are sculpted by me to include the things I want to do now, as well as what I need to do. Talk about less stress and more fun! I use only organic coconut oil on my skin, including my face and body. After 3 years of that delicious treatment, I truly look 7 years younger! Ask my kids :)

I have given myself permission to live life on my terms! I fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning my Interior Decorating/Consulting business. I have reconnected with my love of horses, and became the caretaker of about 40 horses! I stated out loud that I would meet my daughter overseas in England after her summer study abroad, and I made it happen. That was so empowering! Sharing time with my daughter in England, Ireland, and Wales, and meeting new friends was exhilarating. That was probably the best 21 days I have ever experienced.

My greatest words of wisdom for everyone to remember:

“This is the day that God made, be happy and rejoice in it.”

This is the real deal. This one day. Live it fully.

Above all else, be grateful. Be open to receiving.

Love yourself first. Treat those you love even better.

To keep the stress levels low, look up.

To remember where your feet are, look down. Be present!

To find your your path, ask your Creator.

Marci thank you. My favorite line of yours is "We need to declare what makes us happy and joyful, and then surround ourselves with it."

A great recipe for a content life.