April 05, 2011

One Hundred Years Old Today

This past weekend two of my brothers and I traveled to Connecticut to join other relatives in the celebration of my cousin Betsy's 100th birthday. Betsy and my mom are first cousins. Doesn't she look terrific in her fresh flower lei? Betsy is truly a marvel. Before I left for the party I googled what percentage of the population makes it to age 100 and it is only .003%.  So Betsy has a lot to celebrate.

Betsy is the sister of Arthur-another dear centenarian, and the mother of Ellen.

I've known Betsy since I was a baby and she has always been so much fun to be around. As I explained in my toast to her at the party, she not only introduced me to New England and the Atlantic Ocean, but also to Florida and key lime pie. When I was young I loved to visit her just as I do now.

So what are Betsy's secrets you might be wondering? What allows a person to drive a car until they are 98 years old?

I think genetics have a lot to do with her longevity but so does exercise, which she still does regularly. She loves to do tai-chi and walk. Betsy also loves ice cream as well as a vodka with a splash of tonic every night at 5:00. That's my girl! She has also enjoyed a lifetime of ice dancing, playing bridge, and being a very talented artist.

Betsy it was wonderful to see you again on Sunday and get to celebrate your 100th with everyone. Thank you.

Happy birthday my dear :-)

4/6 Post Script:

Neat picture circa 1962 in Waterville, NH with Betsy (in the middle), me (as a baby next to my mom) and Betsy's daughter Ellen sitting to the right.

4/9 Post Script Two:

Forgot to post this article: Why Do Some People Live So Long?