April 26, 2011

Gratefully Green

The simple, pared down lifestyle of the Johnson family, above, caught my attention on The Today Show this past week. All I could think of was what a different place this planet would be if we could all pay a little more attention to the waste that we create. And they do it so beautifully.

I am not a die-hard green girl but I honestly enjoy paying attention to the impact that I am having. It's a start. In the last few years, I've bought a second-hand hybrid. I rarely accept a shopping bag when I make purchases from a store, and I try to be ruthless about turning off lights. We also rarely get take-out in part because I hate all the packaging. In addition, my felted wool sweater, accessory and houseware line, The Hole Thing, is made solely from recycled sweaters. 

Years ago I also decided that I prefer the simplicity of just having two bras (one black, one white) and only a few pair of jeans going at a time. This was before anyone was worrying about the environment. I did it simply because it is easier to keep track of fewer things and it suits me. And it's inexpensive.

Americans SHOP and SHOP and SHOP and it's so disgusting. It's ruining our planet. We are a culture of consumers who shop to make ourselves feel better and to fill emotional voids, or to keep up with the Joneses. It's so pathetic. 

I can be guilty of this too....

If you have not yet seen the documentary No Impact Man, about a Manhattan family that takes a year off and rides only bikes and scooters and doesn't buy ANYTHING but locally grown food, it is a very entertaining and fun film to watch. Great for all ages. You won't be disappointed.

And if you have not yet seen Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff  you can watch it on YouTube if you're interested. It is out in book form now as well.

Also Kim Urig, a former Lines of Beauty beauty of the week, has a great green blog called Our Daily Green that you might enjoy too. Not to mention my dear cyber buddy Aldra and her fabulous blog Consciously Frugal out there on the left coast.



  1. Thank you for the shout, and incidentally, I love what you are doing with Hole Thing as well! I think it's a fabulous way to reuse something beautiful.... Have you seen the post I have on how to make wool dryer balls from old felted wool... (they sell for a big $ on etsy, but I made my own from a wool sweater that had an accidental trip to the dryer!)

  2. Thanks a gazillion. I found your link for how to make dryer balls. I had NO IDEA that dryer balls save 30% on the amount of time we use the dryer. That is huge. Here's the link for all you crafty folk out there: http://ourdailygreenlife.blogspot.com/2011/02/wool-dryer-ball-green.html

  3. Ditto on the gracias for the shout out!

    I've seen this video a few times and I'm left feeling...I dunno. Does their house seem stale to you? Like, why does zero waste equate ice? Or something. I think I just want a balance between the disaster area my apartment is and the pristine look of their home. Either way--YES to less waste!

  4. CF-it's lacking in coziness for sure. I think it went through a major clean up before the cameras walked in. There isn't ANY way anyone's home looks like that with two kids in tow....

  5. I have never known anyone to admit the "two bras, couple pairs of jeans" fashion statement. Me too, me too!! I follow Conscious and liked your blog title, had to find out more....
    I am delicately aging when I am not raging against it. And I am definitely a bag lady, the cashier's just snicker- but I smile anyway as I whip out my huge lime green former feed sack bag and say "fill 'er up." (God knows you can't say that at the pump these days so I've recycled it into grocery shopping...)Enjoying your blog, thank you.

  6. Oh Truewonder, my two bra twin, welcome aboard. You have a lovely blog.