April 22, 2011

Aging Gracefully with Photography

This week's beauty is Rose who is 84-years-old. I met Rose at my first master's swim meet last fall. Rose raced the 50 freestyle right before I did. She was so remarkable that I wanted to be sure to say hello to her before I left the meet. I went into the locker room to shower and who should be in the shower next to mine but Rose.

Rose has four children and besides swimming spends her time gardening and doing photography. She also started a lyme disease support group since getting lyme disease herself a few years ago. Members of the support group come from 43 towns. Rose said that the lyme disease has affected her short term memory and that taking pictures helps her to remember things.

Photograph by Rose

Roses's daughter Patty told me that she really looks up to her Mom and hopes that she can have the energy that her mom has at age 84. She said that her mom forgot her bathing suit once and borrowed hers and looked better in the bathing suit than she does! She said that her mom has always loved to race sailboats and still sails a Sail Fish, as well as three remote control sailboats on the pond where she lives. She is also very computer literate for her age, and likes to ride her blue bike all around town.

When I asked Rose about her secrets to good health she said that besides swimming she has always eaten very healthfully and especially likes low-fat milk. She said that one of the most important things to aging well is having good friends and family in her life.

Her daughter Patty added that Rose has spent her life caring for people and doing for others.

Thank you Rose for being this week's beauty. You are quite an inspiration.