April 19, 2011

New For Spring

As some of you know, until 2007 I worked in knitwear design for Susan Bristol for sixteen years. In the last year or two, before the company went under, someone cut an ad out of a magazine and taped it to one of the design room doors. The ad said "It's not how young you look, it's how good you look."  I saw the ad a gazillion times because it was on a door that I passed through frequently. I remember always thinking how perfect it was.

Anyway, in keeping with this, I always get a little excited about what is new and different in the world of fashion even though I am a far cry from a fashionista or a 'clothes horse', as they use to say. I sometimes wear old clothes that I have had for ages and love, but still there is something exciting to me about what designers have drummed up to present to us each season. It's like a breath of fresh air. 

So here is what's new for spring 2011:

For Color:
Nudes, neutrals
All shades of orange are really big
Rust, sienna, sand
Brights are big too.
Color blocking is back.
Lots of pastels.

For Style:

Striped tees
Chambray-the light weight, light colored denim, has made it's way back again into pants, tops, skirts, and dresses.
Happy prints all mixed-up and worn together. I love this.
Sheer layers.
Polka dots.
Wide-leg pants, long jersey skirts, big blouses, draped dresses.
70's silhouettes.
Tops worn out, not tucked in.
Lace is everywhere.
Sweet A-line coats.
Military’ish jackets and dresses
High waisted flared jeans.
Retro bohemian staples like peasant blouses and floor-grazing skirts.
Big bangle bracelets
Japanese inspired styles.
Embellishment is out.
Simplicity is in.

Also, on another fashion note, I found a very interesting  little gizmo on Real Simple's site that allows you to see what you look like with all different hair styles. This was particularly interesting to me because I have pretty much been sporting the same hair style my whole life while quietly wondering- how would I look in short hair? How would I look in bangs?  All you have to do is upload a forward facing picture of yourself. If their hair styles aren't sitting on your head exactly in the right position you can use the arrow buttons underneath your photo to adjust them.

So what did I find out?

That bangs make me look like a guy in drag :-) 

Check these before and afters out:

Also, click here for the lastest Michelle Obama fashion slide show.

 Happy spring everyone.