May 14, 2011

Aging Gracefully Through Rose Colored Glasses

Pat and Cindy

This week's beauty is Pat Weintraub who will be 84 in July. I visited Pat recently because she is my good friend Cindy's mom. Cindy and I grew up together. Back in the 70s Pat was a very hip, grayed haired, horse loving mother who zipped around in her red MG convertible listening to Neil Young. She and her husband Whitey (another dear) raised 8 children and eventually ditched their country club life and moved to a ranch outside of town where she raised 21 horses, and many other animals. She later started Morningdove Farm which breeded Ragdoll cats. I use to love to visit the Weintraub family as there was always something exciting going on. Like Nettie, their goat, or one of their ponies casually strolling through their antique filled farm house every now and then! I am not kidding.

Tuscany from Morningdove Farm

Pat has had two hip replacements in recent years. When I asked how aging was going she said "Horrible! You want to do things but you can't. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!" But she explained that what carries her through is her sense of humor. She said that we all need to be able to laugh no matter what. She explained that she likes to think about happy things and that the world looks much better through rose colored glasses. She also said that her strong spirituality has played a very important role in her life.

Sounds like a recipe for positive thinking to me.

I have to also add that music still plays prominently in Pat's life as I noticed a Neil Young CD or two on her table when I was visiting :-)

Still a hip momma after all these years.

Be sure to check out the video of Pat and her dance partner Vince. They met each other recently at a retirement home and it couldn't be sweeter.

Pat thank you for being this week's beauty.

xo, Louise


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady, whom I can say I shared an afternoon of laughter with!

    Louise, you have such a wonderful gift at stirring such love in each of us!


  2. Thank you for this beautiful write up on my Momma, Louisa:) Loved it when you said, "I am not kidding." Too funny, people wouldn't believe some of the wild things that happened down on the funny farm! lol. Truly though, it was a gift to live the wholesome life of country living...still think of many experiences that were very freeing...riding bareback around the yard, walking barefoot in the grass (watching out for duck droppings:), the sweet smell of grain, field hikes, my brothers bands in the shack out back, and yes, those fun little parties in the shed...what a life! Love you girlfriend, thanks for ridin' the ride with me...xo

  3. Thank you Marci and Cindy. I love ridin' the wave with you. Now, and back then too. xoxo

  4. What a great blog. How wonderful to see Mrs. Weintraub so vibrant....I remember she and her husband being, without a doubt, the best looking and nicest parents in town. She simply had (and still does)that natural beauty which was transmitted to all her kids....inside beauty and out.

  5. Oh Connie, thank you so much! I will relay to Mom:)

    Louisa, I showed Momma this post today, she loved it! She said, "Wow, Louise is such a beautiful writer, what a talent!" Thank you, we really enjoyed reading it together! xoxoxo

  6. Oh good I am so glad! I really liked featuring her. Tell her it made me feel good to hear her say that I am a good writer because as you know I am insecure about it at times. I read other people's writing and think "this is like butter!". I wanna write like butter.

    xoxox to you too.

  7. Too funny, that's exactly what I thought because you have expressed that little niblet of insecurity before, but let me tell you...we think you are the cream of the butter crop! You have a way with words, darlin'! xo

  8. Mom ALWAYS was a free spirit...never really cared what other people thought about her and she never took advise (especially mine) and has spent most of her life helping others and trying to save the entire animal kingdom. She taught us to do what you believe in no matter what other people say and to always keep God in our lives. There were many things I didn't understand about you growing up but they are crystal clear now...Well done, Mom!!!