May 17, 2011

Interior Renovation

I've been thinking about the future lately. Questions like "how do I want to spend the rest of my life?" and "What's the next best step for me?" Ever think about this? I'm sure most of you probably do. I'm about to drop some packets in the mail to my favorite magazines about Lines of Beauty. What if no one likes my idea that is so dear to my heart? What's my next step then?

Aside from this, with college tuition bills looming, I wonder if I should go back and work for a clothing company again doing knitwear, or maybe go back to school and get a masters degree in social work? Would I even make a good therapist I wonder? Maybe I should be a mid-wife, or a doula?

Can I just keep writing this blog?

This is what I really like to do.

I think I just need to keep following my heart and trust it to be my compass. Seems though lately that my compass is all over the place. Maybe this is what happens when you hit mid-life & your kids go off to college. I wouldn't call what I am having a mid-life crisis...maybe just a mid-life quandary...

Tom and I are doing an interior renovation of another kind on a waterfront property that we bought on Pleasant Lake in Deerfield, New Hampshire last summer. He's been working hard on it on the weekends and I am helping him now with the easy stuff so that we can finish it up and put it on the market. It was a complete wreck of place, but he gutted it, winterized it, and it's becoming a gem that we are going to be very sad to let go.

This is Tom on Sunday when we were there finishing up the plastering before the painters come this week. It was pouring outside. The floors go in soon, and also the dock...

This is the upstairs shower. We were uncertain what to do in this bathroom and then Tom had the brilliant idea to just copy the bathroom that we put into our own house a few years ago because we like it so much. Genius.

I like going here with him. It gives us much needed time to catch up on the hour drive, and to talk while we're working.

And soon we'll be able to swim.

If it ever warms up enough here in New England.