July 12, 2011

How to Throw a Carefree Summertime Girlfriend Gathering in 3 Hours (or less)

Party throwing rule #1: Start by setting the table. It will get you in the mood for doing everything else.

For me this is kind of like having dessert first.

Don't bother ironing the tablecloth unless Portuguese relatives are coming.

Gather flowers from the yard. Can only find weeds? Weeds are beautiful too.

Run to the grocery store and pick up supplies and wine. Have girlfriends bring the apps and dessert.

Drive home.

If the house needs vacuuming allot only 15 minutes. First floor only. Throw perfection to the wind and just get rid of the dust devils.

Instead of dusting, vacuum tabletops with the round brush attachment. Don't forget the TV.

If you have a porch, don't sweep it, just vacuum it quickly as well. Presto!

Take 5 minutes to tidy up the bathroom that your guests will be using.

Put on your favorite tunes.

It's time to prep dinner (15 minutes).

This menu is delicious:

Salt and pepper salmon fillets. Spread with Grey Poupon Dijon mustard and sprinkle lightly with brown sugar. Grill after girlfriends arrive for a few minutes on each side, depending on thickness. Don't overcook.

Make a salad of arugula, walnuts, goat cheese, avacado and grape tomatoes. Cut tomatoes in half and marinate in a bowl with Paul Newman's lowfat sesame ginger dressing. Pour on top just before serving and toss.

Ooh- la la!

Husk corn.

Slice up a delicious whole grain baguette right before dinner.


Hop in the shower to refresh for 5 minutes. Put on a comfortable, summery skirt or dress.

Kick off your shoes.

Pour a glass of wine.

Bon appetit :-)


  1. Fabulous advice....glad I was able to be there and enjoy that lovely meal!!!
    And, of course, the company of the girls who are so special.
    xx nancy

  2. I love this whole post! Thank you for the inspiration and for the recipes. You have motivated me to schedule something similar with my girlfriends. Thanks Louise!!!

  3. Oh, you are way more talented than me! I say, just throw a cooler in the car and head for (1)the local sandwich shop where you meet your girlfriends and then (2) drive to the wineries down the road, do a tasting or 2 and eat on one of their patios. Wineries love it when you do that (as long as they don't have a restaurant) because it's like window-dressing their place. Cheers!

  4. Lynne I love your idea. We don't have a winery around here so the other day we put sandwiches & wine in the cooler and headed to the beach for a really carefree girlfriend gathering. It made me even happier.