July 15, 2011

Aging Gracefully with Life's Blessings

This week's beauty is Paulette Grant who is a Canadian artist and illustrator from Elliot Lake, Ontario. Paulette renders earthy landscapes and figurative studies ranging from contemporary slant on a Norman Rockwell influence to the imagery creations of fairies and angels. Paulette is also a poet.

I think following one's passion is the key to youthfulness and aging gracefully. Aging is not a disease. It is a natural process but it doesn't mean we have to dry up like a prune and spend a fortune to stop it. When the mind ages the body will follow. I am turning 64 at the end of this month, and believe me, it is just a number. I am vibrant, and have a joy of life, and I find it so surprising when someone is shocked at my youthfulness. I am just me looking out through eyes that have seen so much. Aging is a mindset .We are here in life to live it with as much joy as possible for as long as we are willing to accept life's blessings with gratitude for being here at all.

Paulette also has a blog called Breaking Free.

Thank you Paulette for being this week's beauty. I really love the richness of your paintings and I'm so inspired that you are self taught. Happy early birthday.