July 26, 2011

The Obsession with Youth

I somehow missed this clip of make-up artisit Bobbi Brown, Galina Espinoza (from Latina magazine), and Kathie Lee Gifford talking with Meredith Vieira several months ago about why people are so obsessed with youth. The lure of the fresh young face is stronger than ever now partly because celebrities pretty much have a full time job of looking good & youthful, and they are unfortunately one of our prime examples. I was suprised to hear Kathie Lee Gifford say that the women who are obsessed with staying young are women who do not understand or believe that they are valued. I agree. Bobbi Brown says that she thinks that aging really is about resetting our brains- it's not so much about how we look- it's about how we feel and think. I like Bobbi Brown and her whole attitude on aging. Plus she has a great make-up line that brings out the best in women. I especially love her under eye cover-up called Bobbi Brown Corrector for my dark circles. I've been using it for several years and it's great.