August 12, 2011

Aging Gracefully with Synergy

This week's beauties are my 50-year-old chickadees Cindy and Heather, who are my best friends from high school. I am just back from our annual get together.

It's been almost 35 years of knowing and loving each other.

Reflecting our worlds in one another's eyes.

Riding the ebb and flow of life,




Strengthening when the chips are down.

Laughing till

we fall off our seats.

You're my golden girls.

My forever friends.

My soul sisters.

And as Cindy said,

I wish life was like this every day.

I love you two.

This past spring Marci and I joined Cindy on her radio show Hope, Health and Healing to discuss the benefits and importance of friendships. Heather called in from California. Click here if you missed the show and would like to hear it.

Happy summertime weekend everyone,



  1. Priceless! Such a beautiful and soulful sight!(and site!)

    Love the post, Louise!

    Love you too Cindy and Heather from California!

  2. How Beautiful Louise!!!

    Love from the highest place, there is nothing that can ever replace this love of friendship.

    What a true gift of love the three of you have!!!

    Great picture of all of you!
    3 beauties through and through :)


  3. And love to you, Marci and Maria!!

    Lou, it's been an amazing ride of ebbing and flowing all these years...I've learned so much along the way. I remember the moment I said I wished life was like this everyday:) Complete peace, joy and laughter. Wholeness, contentedness in being who we are and who we are together. We are blessed...

    I love you girls! xoxoxo

  4. p.s. for those of you interested in listening to the friendship show, you can find it on my website ( "Cynthia on Radio", titled, "Friendships, Health and Happiness":)