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September 09, 2011

A Little Weekend Humor

I apologize in advance if this clip is a bit too crass or inappropriate. I have kind of a warped sense of humor and don't mean to alienate anyone.

That being said, Comedian Retha Jones's take on menopause is pretty funny.



  1. There is nothing left to say :) I will tell you though, Laughter is the best medicine! May even beat black cohosh tea or hormone replacement therapy!

    Lou, you had me at "I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate or too crass..."

    Stay dry, (Oh, not down there, you may start a brush fire! But, wait, you swim every day, so that's okay)


  2. I hope that comment was not too crass or inappropriate!!!! :)

  3. Thanks Marc!

    After 4 days of rain, it's hard to stay dry!

    She is pretty funny. Want to invite Miss Jones over for some tea!

    I didn't know till watching this that men have some gravity issues of their own as well :-)

  4. Laughing hard Louise at this video.....too funny!

    Thank you for the laughter this morning:)


  5. Oh lord, I finally watched the video. The brush fire thing just about made me fall off my chair. ahahahahahahh