September 12, 2011

Tonight's Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is pretty much my favorite song. I was telling a friend this week that it isn't just Neil Young's lyrics and melody, but the harmonic that really gets me (see minute 3:48).

Oh man what a song.

Tonight's Harvest Moon has been shining brilliantly for several days but this evening it will sit low, and appear to be bigger, and brighter, and more colorful than other full moons.

Be sure to catch it.

Tonight farmers can gather their harvest by moonlight long after the sun goes down.

And lovers will dance in it's glow.

I have a great quote to share via beautiful Monica:

Let the things that enter your life wake you up.
~Pema Chondron

It's a good one. 

I think I should say it again-

Let the things that enter your life wake you up.


  1. Loved the song too Louise!

    Thank you for the song post!

    Yes, waking up to all that enters our life is
    the reason we exist!


  2. Perfect, sweet Louisa! "Let's go out and feel the night..." Good ol' Neil:) Love to you on this Harvest Moon....xoxo

  3. I love this Maria- "waking up to all that enters our life is the reason we exist." I haven't thought about life from this angle enough. I have been more focused on life being about discovering what we love- which I guess kind of goes hand in hand with waking up and being more conscious and more truthful.

    If anyone missed the moon last night, it will still be out and almost as illuminous tonight.

  4. Ya know... sometimes I just don't want to wake up... I can tell because I treat the things that ARE currently in my life with resentment at times.. but if I change my attitude and use them as an opportunity to teach, transform, and evolve me then I can approach them with an entirely different attitude. Love you! xoxoxoxo

  5. This song is one of my absolute favs. Thanks for reminding me! I haven't heard it in ages.

  6. I think that sometimes, actually frequently, we tend to take life way too seriously. Think how fast a year passes, for instance- and how much faster a year passes the older we grow. How much of our time are we worrying, or feeling disjointed, and basically not at peace? Or like you said Monica- feeling resentful. Maybe if we try to take whatever comes into our life not so seriously- kind of let it flow through us more instead of feeling like we have to concur it or tip it upside down and analyze it, it will be easier to be awakened and enriched by what shows up. Sometimes I think about myself as an old woman at the end of her life- reflecting back on how I have lived my life and it helps me to put things in perspective.