September 14, 2011

The Art of Aging

Sophie Lumen was interviewed last week by journalist Barbara Hannah Grufferman in The Huffington Post. I love Sophie's energy and her Art of Aging creed. She's inspiring. Sophie's Art of Aging already has over 10,000 fans on Facebook.

What if we think of aging as an art?

It's too bad that Sophie and I reside on two different coasts. We'll just have to make due with our cyberspace connection and our common enthusiasm in forwarding the beauty of aging message.

In The Huffington Post article author Grufferman also added her own aging creeds.

I like these:

  • Be fearless after 50.
  • Embrace your age, no matter what it is.
  • Don't focus so much on what others think.
  • Embracing your age and wanting to feel pretty, healthy and fit are not mutually exclusive.
  • Whatever you do, do it for the right reasons.
  • Get angry about ageism, and take action.
  • Know how beautiful you truly are.
  • Support and encourage other women. Chances are good they feel as you do.
  • Be a role model for younger women by showing them how fearless you are.

  • And lastly:

    Love yourself, love your life, stay as healthy as you can, move your body, be informed, stay engaged, use your mind, keep a handle on your finances, be bold, be brave, walk with confidence, live with style . . . and then . . . you will know how truly wonderful life after 50 can be.

    I also added my own creed to the mix:

  • Remember what a gift it is to allow ourselves to be right where we are supposed to be.

How about all of you?

Are there any creeds that you'd like to add?