October 18, 2011

Simple Ways to Live Our Dreams

Photo by Crissie Hardy  www.DesignEatPlay.com

About six years ago, when both my daughters were in the thick of being young teenagers, I found an interesting list in Organic Lifestyle magazine that I have posted for you below. At the time I cut it out and put it on the wall in the bathroom. I posted it as a reminder to everyone in our house. Somehow though over the years it disappeared...but I found it recently again on The Hole Thing.

My thinking is that I have to put it back up again- maybe framed this time- because it is such a great reminder no matter how old we are. With my youngest going off to college in less than a year I find myself in transition again in many ways. More on all this later, I am sure, but for now I wanted to share the list with you.

Maybe it should be called The Five Best Commandments:

  • Spend time alone and you'll hear your inner voice.

  • Break the rules. Do what you want, if it harms no one.

  • Follow your passion- whatever it takes.

  • Stop worrying about what other people think. It's your life.

  • Get over your fear. Fear is normal, so embrace it and then you'll get past it.

Have a good week everyone.
Do something that scares you.


  1. Love this Louise!

    It says it all!


    P.S. I just told Tim the other day,...."I feel like doing something dangerous". Of course, not harmful but rather something out of the ordinary and random.

    Still waiting for the moment to arrive:)

  2. this is just great, Louise...borrowing for my family and putting it on our kitchen chalkboard! thanks! xo

  3. It really does say it all. I like that you feel like doing something dangerous Maria. Next time you think of a situation that scares you that will be your cue.

    I have something that I need to do concerning Lines of Beauty that really scares me. Been putting it off for several months. I will report back. It's a huge and scary step for me.

    Terry, I like the idea of putting this on your kitchen chalkboard. Thank you.

    A friend of mine emailed me today and suggested that we gather a group of like-minded woman in the Boston area to discuss our personal commandments- a spin off of the ones listed in The Happiness Project on page 10. I invite anyone in the area to come. If you are interested drop me a line and we'll pull together a date. You could also participate by sending your personal commandments in an email to louise@linesofbeauty.com

  4. Great list, Louise. When my youngest went off to college, I got another dog. What was I thinking?

    I have a new personal commandment that I learned from my friend, Dominique--"Go where the love is." Forget pushing for things that are difficult to make happen. Keep moving onto the next thing, even if you don't know what that is. Follow those who want to follow you. Life doesn't have to be so difficult.

  5. Love this list Lou...so right on! Boy, are we ever on the same page lately...first Steve Jobs, now dreams...been posting on both lately...wow. Why am I surprised? It's been us for 35 years:) Keep dreaming your dreams! xoxo

  6. Synergy Cynthia :-) Day after day, year after year.

    Ronnie thank you for your personal commandment. Go where the love is. That is perfect. And so simple.

    I also love "forget pushing for things that are difficult to make happen." Look for the synergy in life. Notice where energy gets stuck and where it flows. xo