December 19, 2011

Coming Around Again

Like many of you probably, I always feel a little overwhelmed this time of year with all the holiday hoopla. I have whittled my gift giving list way down, and I don't put nearly as much energy into holidays as I once did, but's busy and crazy, nevertheless, with everyone arriving so soon for Christmas.

I yi yi...

Truth be told- as much as I enjoy being together with everyone, I love the month of January when it is all behind us for another year. 

I often feel in January, like I do after winter's thaw in March, that I can relish the many carefree months ahead, before things get zany again.

Last summer my camera got dropped down the stairs and I have yet to repair it. I'm still in a quandary whether to pay the $180 to fix it, or just get a new one, so unfortunately, I don't have a single holiday photo to share. As you can imagine, a blogger without a camera is kind of like a cook without a Cuisinart, or a seamstress without a seam ripper. The good news is that I can at least recycle last year's photos of Christmas if you happened to have missed them.

My favorite thing about holiday gatherings is when dinner is all ready, and we pause, and take a minute to be silent, to give thanks. 

When the kids were young I made up a simple grace to say each night before dinner. It goes like this:

Let us be thankful for all that we have-

for our home,

and our health,

but especially, 

for each other.

Each day is a blessing.


I hope you all drive safely, have fun,
and are able to be with someone you love.
(and get more sleep than I am getting)
XO, Louise

Blue spruce photo by Aleksandr Kutsayev.
Pine cone photo by  Rachel Kirk, Grand Valley, Ontario


  1. Louise,

    I love your prayer of grace you had made up when your children were small......just beautiful!

    I am with you, my Christmas list has now downsized to a handful of people....literally less than 5.....of course my children are the Top of the List.

    When my children were small, I bought for EVERYONE in my family ect.....

    Now that my children are grown and I live away,
    I find much peace during the is quiet and filled with all that you wrote in your prayer....gratitude as the number one feeling in my heart.

    That is the way to spend everyday with those you love and adore..

    Wishing You, Tom and your Beautiful Family all the Love and Peace during the holidays.

    All my Love to you Louise.

  2. I can smell the blue spruce...Breatheee...I yi yi:) xoxo

  3. Thanks Maria. Merry Christmas to you and yours too out there on the left coast. I hope you have a nice time together.

    I got at least 8 hours of sleep last night... and now I am going to go breath in the blue spruce :-)

    Snow showers coming, hopefully,


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