January 17, 2012

Ninety-Five Going on Forty

Brooklyn artist and film maker, Julia Warr, met 95-year-old Russian ballet dancer, Maia Helles on a plane four years ago. Noticing that Maia was as fit and healthy as a forty year old, it convinced Julia of the benefits of the daily exercise routine that Maia perfected, with her mother, more than 60 years ago. Way before exercise classes were ever invented of course!

What is very limber, 95-year-old Maia's secret to long life you may be wondering?

Simplicity, work, and enjoyment.

Julia's above video, My Friend Maia, has gone viral. With only 38 hits on January 10th, it understandably received 3,637 yesterday.

Enjoy this very calming, beautiful clip.
Shot in Fire Island, NY

Many thanks to Carolyn for sending it in.


  1. Thanks Annie. I love your running blog!

  2. Thank you for these few moments of beauty and inspiration.

  3. Yesterday the video got nearly 13,000 hits on vimeo. Holy cow!This speaks to people's interest in aging gracefully which Maia Helles is doing so beautifully.

  4. Beautiful, Lou...I feel the breeze...and the sun...and the light...all within. Maia is a true inspiration to us all...xo

  5. What a beautiful lady. I feel so peaceful watching this.

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    thanks Gisell

  7. I met Maia once in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. She was such an inspiration and her openness and positive attitude helped me through a rough patch. We always meant to get together so she could show me her exercises but we never made it. Thank you for posting this!