February 14, 2012

Love is Art

One of my favorite sites, Daily Grommet, for all things new and exciting, recently featured a creative, outside-the-box-way to celebrate Valentine's Day, or any day. If you happen to be looking for a creative way to spice things up, the Jeremy Brown painting kits (below) put a sexy spin on couples’art. For those adventurous partners who give it a try, Jeremy’s body-painting technique is said to be a liberating, expressive, and beautiful way to create art together.

Oh baby...

Not sure I could comfortably put this on my wall if people knew what it actually was.

Seems so personal...as in...what body part made that little paint splat right there?


On another note, if you desire to spruce up your kissing technique, on this day of love, be sure to see last year's Valentine's Day post.

But perhaps what most of us just need to celebrate today with is a simple, wonderful six second hug.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!