March 02, 2012

Come Away with Me

I thought with winter finally arriving here in Boston it might be nice to cyber-escape to Maderia, Portugal, one of my favorite places to visit.

My in-laws are from Madeira, which is an island 310 miles off the coast of Morocco.

Madeira is known for its rugged volcanic peaks, beautiful tropical coastline, and a climate that is almost always spring-like.

Maderians use terraces to grow crops because the island is so mountainous. 

The terraces and seascapes create breathtaking views around every bend.

Madeira is known for its gorgeous flowers, fresh tropical fruit and vegetables, its bountiful fish, and  espetada which are beef kabobs...they could easily be a "gateway meat" for vegetarians- they are that good.

The island is also known for its very famous Madeira wine. 

Wine is served every day, not just for dinner, but also for lunch.

Perhaps this is why afternoon siestas are so popular.

Hiking and swimming are a big attraction, and so are gondola rides- as well as these hair-raising toboggan trips thru the streets of Funchal, the central city.

One of my favorite things about Madeira is the music and dancing, which are frequently ballads about love.

These are amazing sea caves used by the local fishermen.

You can click on the photo for a better view. It makes a fabulous screensaver.

Photo by Geoff Summa.
February 2012

It's a long journey to get to Maderia.

But, it is so worth the trip.

"A vida e boa" in Maderia.

          (life is good)