March 13, 2012

Coming Around Again

I had a new thought this week about aging after hearing of a friend's struggle with it.

Something I've been trying to put my finger on.

It was an analogy actually.

I think when we hit age 40, and the signs of getting older start to settle in, it is similar in some ways to going through puberty- the lack of self-confidence it can bring, the awkwardness- the "what is HAPPENING to my body?"

The difference is that in puberty the body begins to sprout, but at mid-life it starts to crumble.

During both transitions in life we might feel a bit like we are slipping on ice- a bit ungrounded- unsure of where we are headed- if we are worthy -and questioning what life will bring us next.

The beauty of these transitions is that as the years carry on- we grow into our selves- we circle around to who we are in a more intimate way. We reach deeper into our essence.

We settle in.

We do it over and over again.

And grow beautiful with age.

Have a peek at the beautiful woman above. She is such a masterpiece. Life has worked its amazing patina on her, and she is sparkling still, and so full of vitality.

Is she worried about old she looks, I wonder?

I don't think so.

She is who I strive everyday to be.