March 13, 2012

Coming Around Again

I had a new thought this week about aging after hearing of a friend's struggle with it.

Something I've been trying to put my finger on.

It was an analogy actually.

I think when we hit age 40, and the signs of getting older start to settle in, it is similar in some ways to going through puberty- the lack of self-confidence it can bring, the awkwardness- the "what is HAPPENING to my body?"

The difference is that in puberty the body begins to sprout, but at mid-life it starts to crumble.

During both transitions in life we might feel a bit like we are slipping on ice- a bit ungrounded- unsure of where we are headed- if we are worthy -and questioning what life will bring us next.

The beauty of these transitions is that as the years carry on- we grow into our selves- we circle around to who we are in a more intimate way. We reach deeper into our essence.

We settle in.

We do it over and over again.

And grow beautiful with age.

Have a peek at the beautiful woman above. She is such a masterpiece. Life has worked its amazing patina on her, and she is sparkling still, and so full of vitality.

Is she worried about old she looks, I wonder?

I don't think so.

She is who I strive everyday to be.


  1. Louise,

    This is a great post!

    I love the picture of this woman too!
    She is shining bright and is so beautiful!

    I love how you put it...."she is a masterpiece".
    That is the truth!

    I feel we, as women, in general can learn to grow and accept our aging self and find our beauty inside and out.

    Society is the culprit who places thoughts and ideas that the aging self is not attractive, ect....

    I believe that buying into anything that doesn't serve our soul is not worth purchasing...

    Everyone carries beauty internally and externally.


  2. What a beautiful picture of a woman who is happy with herself. I'm 69 years old and have never felt at ease with with myself.

  3. Love this post.

    I just got home from visiting grandchildren in Nebraska. They kept commenting on how old I was and how many wrinkles I had. I wish I could say I handled it gracefully.

    1. Their parents should teach them to appreciate life lines and wisdom.

  4. I often compare aging to puberty.... the same searching, anxiety, acceptance.... I hope I leave this world with this curiosity and peace intact. The only thing that permanent is change.

  5. Thank you for all your comments. Lines of Beauty is to me always a work in progress- as we are- and I want you to know how much I appreciate hearing from you.

  6. Hi Louise. Beautiful post. Check out my Youtube video, "Beautiful Older Women of the World". Along the same lines.

  7. Hi Angela!

    We are two like minded women:-) What a relief!

    I love your video.

    I am so happy to "meet you" and am happy that you found Lines of Beauty.

    Here is the link again for everyone:

  8. Truly. Thank you for your comment Sharon.