April 12, 2012

Aging Gracefully with Wellness

This week's beauty is Carol Mossa who is 57 years old. Carol participated in The Revelation Project, which I am also a part of.

Carol is the director of  The Well Healing Arts Center in Rhode Island and has this to share about growing older:

"A few Mondays ago, I was having dinner with a group of eight women friends. We have been meeting weekly like this for nearly a year.  My point in mentioning the frequency and duration of our get-togethers is to indicate that these are women who know me well. These friends have heard me share intimate details about my life, struggles, and triumphs as a mother, daughter, ex-wife, friend, and business woman. This particular night, we were discussing a recent car accident that had claimed the lives of several local young people.  We began speculating about the cause of the crash, and inevitably, the conversation turned to underage drinking, texting, and the inherent dangers in both of those practices. While I no longer drink alcohol, I am occasionally guilty of texting while driving.

I was willing to rat myself out for the meaningful dialogue that I was sure would follow, so I spoke up, "I'm 57 years old.  I get it; I know better, but I am guilty of texting while driving."

Voices around the table erupted! My friends were astonished. However, they were not dismayed over my deadly habit. "You're 57 years old???" one longtime friend asked in disbelief. Another said, "Shut up! No, you're not. Seriously?" And still another, "Oh, my God---you don't look that old."
I took a moment to thank my friends, to graciously accept their resounding surprise and glee over the fact that I had somehow managed to cheat the aging calendar and appear more youthful. One friend actually said, "I wouldn't put you a day past 45."
So it got me thinking.....

What does 57 feel like?  What should it feel like?  Honestly, I wouldn't trade 45 for 57 anytime soon. At 45, though chronologically younger, I was aging fast. I was 15 years into a marriage that was destined to fail 5 years later.  I was about to enter a dark period of self-destruction and addiction that I thankfully survived thanks to the grace of God and those women (and others) present there that night. 

I feel, at 57, better emotionally, physically, and spiritually than I have in my entire life. I have healthy, loving relationships with my 3 children today.  I smile. I laugh. Loud. I have faith.  As the Director of The Well Healing Arts Center, I am privileged to offer women a safe place to heal their bodies, minds, and spirits.  I have a profound sense of purpose, and for that, I am grateful.

 If I don't text and drive, I have a good chance of making it to 58."

Thank you Carol for being this week's beauty and for your wonderful contribution.