April 16, 2012

Second Act

I've been busy this week settling my 90 year old mom into her new life at a retirement community just 3 miles from my house. It is a huge change for her to cast away not only her home of 41 years, but also all her friends. Leaving her in her new apartment the first night I kind of felt like I did when I dropped my kids at kindergarten and college for the first time. Are they going to be okay? Will they be lonely? Will they connect with someone that they like? Pleeeease?

I have a lump in my throat as I write this- as my mom is very much still in the process of making her way in her new life here and will for several months to come no doubt. Like going off to college, everything is so new around her. Plus, she is still recuperating from getting knocked over just a month ago and gumptioning up the immense energy that it takes to move and reorganize one's life. The good news is that we are having fun together styling her new digs with all her treasures. I can see that it is very freeing to take only our very favorite possessions with us and leave all the other riff-raft in life behind.

It makes me want to do it.

Anyway, many thanks to Aldra at Consciously Frugal for alerting me to this great Yahoo award winning video series called Second Act, which highlights women and men over the age of 50 who have reinvented themselves. The videos are all so good I didn't know which one to pick, but I ended up choosing this one because what Cindy Joseph has to say so closely supports my intention here on Lines of Beauty.

Another great clip is of 85 year old Louise Hay, spiritual writer, lecturer, and publisher of Hay House (and a high school dropout). She is an amazing women.

She says that how we start our day, is how we are going to live our day, and how we live our day, is the way we live our life.

A cancer survivor, she also shares that "Sometimes the things we think of as the biggest tragedies, turn out to be the best things that could possibly happen."

Have a good week everyone.



  1. Commenting before watching....but lovely thoughts about you mom and her new life. It must be a challenging time.

  2. Blessings to you and your mama on this new journey. Lotta work though. Oy.

    So many of those videos are so inspiring! I absolutely loved that series. I hope they keep making them. Perhaps you should talk with them about your rekindled swimming routine? eh? eh? You're back in the pool, baby! Or that lovely photography project? Yes. Yes.

  3. Cindy sounds wonderful! (My 93-year-old mother moved to a retirement home a couple of years ago. Yes, it's wrenching, but she's much better off...and safer.)

  4. thank you, Louise...this is awesome and I'm sending love & hugs your way to you and your Mom. I know it's not easy & the beat goes on...xoxo

  5. So many transitions in life! And very inspiring video; we are wearing our badges. I love that phrase.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. I always love hearing for you especially during this crazy time.

    Love, Louise

  7. Hello Louise~
    I'm so happy to have found your blog just this morning. My girlfriend sent me a short video about a 95 year old woman who lives independently and exercises on her wooden deck every day. It was amazing to see how this little woman lives her life. Simplicity. I clicked here and there and landed on your blog and I'm glad I did. I'm 60 and have not had any "surgery" to make me look younger. My husband likes me without the botox, lip injections, etc. that are so prevalent nowadays. I like my soft face too! And I like my wrinkles. I love seeing very old women who are beautifully wrinkled.
    Regarding your mom ~ it really is a miracle that she is adjusting to her new life. My mother curled up and died shortly after we moved her out of the house she raised us in. She couldn't make the adjustment. Heart breaking. So to read that your mom is thriving is wonderful. I bookmarked your blog so I can find you again and find inspiration too. All the best to you & yours.
    xoxo Amy Arnaz

  8. Amy, Thank you so much for your comment. I love that you like your soft face and wrinkles and that your husband likes them too. I would love to feature you, and your dancing, and words of wisdom, if you are ever interested. It seems to me that you would have an especially interesting story to tell.

    Many thanks again Amy,