April 25, 2012

Window To The Soul

How is it that I have found my favorite time in life but I am so busy that I don't know where to begin first some mornings?

The changing of the tides-

-of our youngest getting ready to set sail, and my mother suddenly becoming my neighbor.

-of setting one small business aside to scarily launch another.

Remember those circular playground rides that we used to play on when we were small at the park? We'd hold on to them and run and run along next to them -until they got going so fast that when we finally jumped on board we'd hold on for dear life, and have quite a ride, but nearly got spun off of them altogether?

That's me these days. Spinning. Spinning like a top suddenly, as I try to make sense of all the options and duties before me. It's an exciting time, but also an overwhelming time. I know that exercise is even more important right now, so that I can continue to keep my center.

I just don't want to spin off my axis.

It's like there's a party going on and I want to shut the door and have a minute to myself.

And to top it off-

like so many women probably at mid-life, I am craving more intimacy.

I just want to wrap myself up in a warm cocoon,

and soak in the rising sun,

and slow down,

And be one.

Photo by Janelle West
Redlands, CA


  1. Louise,

    I was thinking lately about this time of life for me too.

    I have much time on my hands in comparison to previous years.

    I feel centered, calm, relaxed and peaceful.

    In reflection, I wonder how I got through the busy years sane being a single parent/college later in life ect....

    I too crave hugs and closeness, especially at the end of the day like never before.

    I wonder about this feeling.

    What is this yearning for the deep feeling of connection to another?

    I feel this slowing down phase of life brings us to a place where we become introspective to see where we have been and where we are going.

    What is our true purpose?

    Sending you Great wishes on your new venture, Louise!

    Love to you!

  2. I hear ya Maria! Whatever is going on, I like it. Maybe for me that's what the golden years are for. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Oh Lou, I love this post! As you know, I've always loved how you think, and now I get to enjoy how you write! I always got dizzy on those spinning rides so I had to get off to collect my center again. A great metaphor and a great reminder to all of us...always remember to get off the ride and find that balance...deep inside. xo

  4. Louise,
    It's so hard to remember to just enjoy the ride and not be terrified of falling off "center" I completely get it.
    If anyone can find the way... you can. xo Mon

  5. Thanks guys...i heard someone speak recently who has written a book called Ageism and in it she talks about not being afraid when we, or someone close to us, start to lose our memory. We always want to be so in control- or at least I do- and maybe it is the same with falling off "center". Maybe we need to enjoy the ride more and like you said Monica, not be terrified.

  6. I discovered your blog today and have been enjoying reading through it. I appreciate your openness and sincerity. You have added some joy to my morning.

  7. Hi Feeling Groovy,
    So happy that you found Lines of Beauty and that it brought you joy.

    I love hearing this.

    Thanks for letting me know,