May 06, 2012

Where Lines Lay

Jean Haner has written a very interesting book that has received good reviews. What caught my attention about Jean is that she, like me, thinks that lines on a woman's face make her more beautiful. She explains that "we react to faces subconsciously, and wrinkles are like a blueprint that reflects our beauty on the inside."

"That's more powerful than any antiaging cream," she says.

Haner explains that where lines appear on the face most prominently says a lot about a person. For instance, in Chinese face reading crow's feet are known as "joy lines". People with these lines are usually warm, affectionate, and have an open heart. Others are drawn to those with joy lines because they appear friendly.

Smile lines, the parenthesis-like wrinkles on the sides of the mouth, are the most positive lines that people can develop because they show confidence and contentment in life.

Vertical wrinkles on the cheeks signify graciousness and those who wrinkle here tend to be the ideal hostess. Constant care for others creates muscle tension in the jaw and lower cheeks which forms these lines. It's important for those with these lines to take more time for themselves.

Horizontal forehead wrinkles show wisdom. People who have more of these lines are usually wonderful mentors and inspire trust and confidence in others.

Lastly, vertical lines between the eyebrows show intelligence. They are called "guidance lines" and reveal a person who is smart and focused. If these lines appear suddenly it can mean that the person is frustrated because they have veered off course in life- also known as "knitting of the brow."


Here are some other elements of the face that can also be very revealing:

-Strong jawlines = strong convictions
-Double chin = less judgmental of others
-Ears that pull away from the head = inclination to pull way from family
-Ears that are close to the head = inclination to stick to family
-Cleft in chin = need for attention
-Rounded chin = warmth
-Rounded forehead = high creativity

Thank you to Maureen for letting me know about Jean Haner.