May 17, 2012

Aging Gracefully with Inspiration

Ellen's mum
Ellen B. Brown is this week's beauty. She has written about how her mom's death inspired her to have a change in career at mid-life.

"My mum passed away 3 years ago from brain cancer. She was given the diagnoses on January 2nd and died exactly a month later. Hard as it was to see her die so quickly, I am eternally grateful that her ordeal was short. My mum was such vital, active and loving person. Her beauty radiated from within. She tried to wear make-up (I even gave her gift certificate to learn) but she was so natural that for me it did not matter. She touched so many people lives, the young and the old, because she was such a giving person. On the day of her memorial service close to a thousand people came. I was so overwhelmed by those who came as it showed she had a huge impact on people. I struggle daily on her not being here in the physical presence, but I know spiritually she is always with me; she was my best friend, my cheerleader, my confidante, and my mum.

I was born with cerebral palsy, and was not expected to live, as I had a number of complications at birth. We did not really get close until I was in my 30s and I am so grateful that we patched our differences and became were able to do this. My mum was there for all 5 of us children; she loved us unconditionally and supported us all through our ups and downs. When I run into friends they always comment to me how much they miss her. I feel touched when people tell me this, and of course, I cry.

Walking in Ireland
I cry because it means so much to me and that she touched so many people's lives. And when I cry it makes me realize what is truly live life to its fullest. I recently had to close my business after 25 years due to the economic situation in my Bermuda and now having to change careers at 55! So I have decided to go back to graduate school to get my masters in counseling/spiritual studies and bereavement counseling. I know she is guiding me on this path.

 My mum used to sing beautifully but lost her ability to sing later in life. When she could not play tennis anymore, she found passion in other things, such as love of gardening and roses. My mum was fearful of dying, although we never talked about it. She would talk about friends who passed on and I sensed her fear and sadness. Even when she was in the transition of passing on no-one discussed the enviable - her death. So I chosen now to turn my life to becoming more meaningful based after seeing what my mum went through- and to give credence to my experience to be a positive one for others. My mum's passing was a pivotal point in my life. She taught me the importance of living and being passionate about life."

Thank you Ellen for sharing this story about your wonderful mom.