November 19, 2012

From My Home to Yours

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Before I start the holiday prepping I wanted to stop and say Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Travel safely, if you are.

Hug those that are near and dear.

Oh how very lucky are we.

xo, Louise


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you sweet Louise!

    I often reflect on my visit to your home with Cindy and Mary last November for the Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer conference.

    What always runs through me is such gratitude for your pure and generous heart.

    You welcomed me in your home with loving open arms.

    I am forever grateful for your beautiful presence in my life and all that you were that weekend of fun, laughter and spiritualness we all shared.

    All my Love to you Louise,

  2. Oh thank you sweetheart. I really loved that weekend with you too, especially having you here,and that you came all the way from California having not seen you for so so long. Please come back again! It was wonderful to have you and to get to know you better. And love you!

    Maria you will always be someone in my life that I will hold in my heart forever. I even know that we can always reach for each other in time of need. You are a grounding force I know in so many lives, mine included thankfully.

    With much love and greeting for Thanksgiving,