November 27, 2012


After the Thanksgiving festivities were over on Friday I spent the weekend in what I think is my most content element-  just hanging out at home- cooking, making things, and chilling out. After a year of many changes in my life, it feels comforting to feel more at peace.

Our oldest was home from college with some friends, our youngest returns from Guatemala soon, and my mom has settled in beautifully in her retirement community nearby. At Thanksgiving dinner I thanked her for being so low-maintenance and praised her for being so brave while her life got tipped upside down at the ripe age of 90. She continues to set an example for all of us.

Thank you again mama.

One of  the things I made this weekend was a bean soup made from Trader Joe's dried 17 Bean and Barley Soup combo. Oh man is it good, and so good for us. I altered the recipe a bit by adding some bacon and crushed red pepper, but I've made it before without, and it's still delicious.

We also all played several rounds of the board game The Settlers of Catan. I love this game and highly recommend it for holiday gift giving. Players assume the roles of settlers, each attempting to build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources.

I cannot wait to play it again and beat Mr. Fix-It who is so competitive I want to strangle him sometimes.

Hmmm but what does this say about me???

....Also this weekend I started knitting some great little sweater ornaments (above) for holiday gift giving and organized my studio, which has been sorely ignored this past year. It was so gratifying that I also organized Mr. Fix-It's workbench out in the garage as well.

The pattern for the sweater ornaments is here. They are easier to make on 3 needles, I think, rather than 4. Also 12 rows for the sleeves seems better than 14.

For you crafty non-knitters out there stay tuned for my candle holders made from gingerbread. Ou la la. They make the best gifts, and are so cool, and easy to make.

Lastly I leave you with a quote:

When we let go of who we think we are, it is easier to become who we really are.

For help on "Unlearning" who we are, see my friend Cindy Brennen's video here.

Have a nice week everyone.


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  2. Happy to hear you had a comforting Thanksgiving, Lou. I've always loved your Mom, so good to know she is settling in to her new home. My very best to you and your beautiful fam...and yes, ch ch ch changes.

    Thank you for posting my "Unlearning" video. Hope it helps some of your readers out there. In the beginning, and the end, it's all about being true to ourselves. Let's learn to be true to our in between too :) Peace xo

  3. Thanks Cyn and peace to you too darlin. I miss you.

  4. I'm glad you reached a moment of peace. I am still yearning for it a bit, but getting there. What a lovely example your mom is. I have always wanted to knit little sweater ornaments but have never done so yet. One of these years!

  5. Thank you Jane. Sew with abandon my friend. We can't do it all....