November 08, 2012

The Truth Will Set Us Free

I remember hearing the above quote years ago and have never forgotten it. I don't think it necessarily refers to truths towards others (as in criticisms), that can so easily kill love, but rather truths about ourselves, that we finally have the courage to share.

Telling it like it is.

Truths set us free, because in telling them, we get to live a more alive and authentic life.

I think we all just want to be who we really are. No sense getting to the end of our lives and realizing that things didn't get fully expressed.

I hate regrets.

My friend Brenda Stanton, who coaches people to claim their worth, said in order to be our own person, we must rely on our inner knowing vs. the judge/jury outside of ourselves.

Bascially we need to stop worrying about what other people think of us.

And how wonderfully freeing is that?

As I sit here now, I can't think of anything more refreshing.

On another note, I've been fighting my first bladder infection in years, with cranberry tablets, instead of antibiotics. I found them at Whole Foods. Please drop me a line if you have been successful with these or any other ideas!