October 31, 2012

What They Don't Want Us to Know

My niece, the beautiful bride, sent this clip to me recently that was featured on Upworthy.  It was created by the very talented and inspirational author Karen Walrond.


I've been having a hankering for awhile to make a short film about my mission here on Lines of Beauty. The idea makes me kind of nervous, because I don't know anything about film making, and haven't a clue where to begin. I guess though that I just need to get started and see where it goes. Maybe my first born will join forces on it with me.

With Hurricane Sandy here on the east coast, it's been a crazy, full moon kind of week in this neck of the woods. If you happened to have been in her very destructive path, I hope you are safe, dry, and have electricity.



  1. Thank you missy.

    I've been gathering ideas for awhile,and added some new ones just this week. Now I just need to start the engine.

  2. Thank you Louise. Had Carmie and her friend watch it with me. They need to make one for teenage girls too. Love you and your very wonderful worlds of interest... go make a movie.

  3. Very much needed,especially for teens.

    I love you too sunshine.

  4. I LOVE THIS, Lou!!! Yep, on the same page, soul sis. Wait till I tell you about my reading...new steps, new coming, new BEING. Feel it and run, my friend! Great idea to mix the talents of you and Caroline...got me thinking, since Kelley is a film girl, I may do the same. So far, asking her to create my book cover. Muah!

  5. You can see that you like to write.