October 24, 2012

Success or Pleasure?

Earlier this year I posted about sixty-one year old Cindy Joseph (above). She was featured on Yahoo's award winning video series called Second Act, which highlights women and men over the age of 50, who have reinvented themselves.

How fortunate is it that we can always reinvent ourselves? My mom is still doing it and she is almost 91.

Cindy Joseph is up to all sorts of reinvention. I came across this latest clip of hers and give it two thumbs up.

The older I grow, the more I am into pleasure. I guess this is partly because the older we grow the more aware we become of what pleases us. And doesn't please us.

Also this week I came across an interesting website called Uncommon Help. Someone close to me is in the throes of divorce and I went in search of something to help her navigate the rocky road.

If you are in the middle of a divorce, or know someone who is, you might like to read Uncommon Help's 8 Helpful Tips to Getting Over a Divorce.

While on the website I also found The 9 Secrets of a Happy Marriage.

I find the internet so very interesting. To me it's much more satisfying and educational than TV, as there is oodles of endless neat things on here.

So often, being the night owl that I am, I look at the clock, and think "Oh no..it's almost midnight... I have to go to bed!" But I hardly ever want to.

Our baby turned nineteen yesterday in Guatemala, and our oldest is coming home this weekend for a quick visit. I also have my first swim meet in months this weekend. The best thing is that my 59 year old brother is racing in it with me. Because of our age difference, we were never able to be in a swim meet together when we were young, until now.

We can get that nervous, barfy feeling together :-)

Butterflies in my stomach as I write this.