December 23, 2012

Silent Night

My favorite Christmas since the kids have grown older was the year we skipped it altogether and flew to Madeira on Christmas Eve to be with Tom's family. I loved blowing the holidays off that year. I felt like such a derelict. It felt like skipping school. We arrived in Maderia with just a handful of very small gifts. Beauty and warmth were our gifts that Christmas and it was divine.

I have this image now in my head of running away to a remote cabin in the woods with a big crackling hearth. It is snowing outside but warm and toasty inside. I am in a red, one piece, long underwear uni-  with the seat thing-a-ma-bobby that opens so that you can pee, and a sweater, and thick wool socks. And the day comprises of opening just a few beautifully wrapped gifts, reading, cooking a big pot of goodness, drinking hot cocoa with a shot of something in it, going for a walk, napping, and hanging together. It is a day when we all remember how very fortunate we are to have each other and everyone gets along.

As the years move along the scene at malls seems more and more unappealing to me. People scrambling out of guilt to find just the right gift or any gift. Trying to measure up. For the most part it all feels so ridiculous, and unnecessary. I feel like starting a brigade to boycott Christmas as we know it.

Plus the environmental impact of the holidays is huge.

I apologize if I am bumming anyone out with my scroogie-ness.

What I do love about the holidays is being able to cut the engine when it's all ready and just coast like a boat on calm water. I like making gifts. I love being together, and the tree twinkling with lights with beautiful wrappings underneath. I like making those buttery shortbread cut-out cookies with the butter cream icing, and serene music like the video below.

And also I like remembering to help those less fortunate, and to count our many, many blessings. Especially as of late.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Six second hugs all around,

XO, Louise


  1. Louise,

    I love the cabin get away idea with the fireplace and hot cocoa!!!

    Now that sounds divinely beautiful with all those you love with the gift of giving.

    The best gifts one can receive are the ones that Love is felt through and through.

    I haven't understood for many, many years now what the 'normal' X-mas thing is. LOL!

    I have always liked to do my own thing with love in my heart.

    May you feel all the blessing of love and peace this holiday with your loved ones Louise.

    Love you!

  2. I long for that escape every year! Trying to keep it simple is so hard....beautifully written as always. Thanks for all your inspiration this year!

  3. Beautiful post, Lou. I was just having this conversation with Becca this Christmas, and everyday, should be about connection and spending time with friends and loved ones...not about the pressure of presents.

    Have a glorious Christmas Eve, girlfriend. And I'll join you for a cabin Christmas anytime...xoxo

  4. Thank you all. I hope you each had a lovely Christmas with as Maria would say love in your heart.

    Happy New Year and love to you all.

    xoxoxoxo, Louise

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