March 27, 2013

Like You Meant

Our home is without a fireplace, which I dearly miss because I love firelight. Because of this I like to have candles lit for dinner each night. For Tom's birthday the table was ablaze with candles, so many so that we didn't need other lighting in the room. After the party he asked me what my favorite part was and I said the candles. I guess I am a very simple woman.

The new living room ( old dining room)
We flip flopped the living room and the dining room for the party and liked it so much that we don't want to move them back. This has created a temporary problem because the new dining room is a very long room and is still yet missing something.

I like the coziness of the the new living room although I miss the light of the old one.
The old living room, now the dining room

Anyway,  I wrote a poem for Tom's birthday, which I toasted him with at the party. It's not a poetic work of art by any means and what it doesn't tell is the ebb and flow of a long marriage, of the coming around again. And maybe not even of the love and security of two people who have been together almost 30 years, as we have.

You on the couch most evenings
Half angel, content
Tired from your day of making life happen
Your ambitions, and us, always in the forefront like you meant

Me in our bed each morning
Curled into an oasis of peace
Wondering what tasks to tackle each day
Knowing what pleases me most won’t cease

Our homes in renovation upheaval
A chaos we both can endure
Neither seeking perfection
Something that bonds us for sure

Our girls growing older each moment
Trying to relish them, as they slip away
Life is a masterpiece of connections and emotions
A new clue most every day

It is an honor to share my life with you
I don’t tell you this nearly enough, I know
You strengthen the fabrics I’ve woven
And with you, the life that we sow