June 26, 2013


I took my mamacita to the countryside in eastern New York this past weekend to celebrate her youngest grand baby's graduation from high school. She brought her bathing suit along for the ride but decided later that she was content in the shade, under the big blue umbrella.

Too much work getting a bathing suit on and off, especially for a ninety-one year old.

"Been there, done that!" she exclaimed happily. We all chuckled.

I know what she means, in more ways than one, and I have a hunch that you do too.

I am on a lovely annual four-week hiatus from my not-full-time job. Some of you might not know that I've worked as a household manager/personal cook/real estate manager since the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008. I call it my mid-life crisis job. It's close-by, pays well, and it's fun. Kind of like playing Martha Stewart with someone else's credit card. I am living the life that I didn't get to live when my kids were young and I had to commute into Boston for work.

But here at home, with my real family (or my "first family" as I refer to them), I am still struggling to launch the natural food product with my business partner. The bad news is that we still haven't launched. The good news is that we're still optimistic. With four shelf- life evaluations, and a second round at trademarking, I've had moments though of wanting to throw the towel in.

No wonder people don't launch food products.

However, if we launch, it's going to be good.

And hopefully, in more ways than one.

I hope you're enjoying the summer.

Here in New England, they say that summer is to the rest of the year, like the weekend is to the week.

Or something like that.

Personally, the heat knocks almost all ambition out of me!