July 07, 2013

Take Me There

Mother's Day
Since my mom moved to the area a year ago we've been church hopping a few times each month. Having not ever been religious, and not having gone to church since I was young, it has been a nice change for me.

I especially like the hour spent alone with my thoughts in church.

And that I can spend time with her at the same time.

Alone, together.

Sometimes, a sermon will bring me to tears it's so relate-able.

Sometimes, I drift away, and hardly catch a word.

Anyway, I think we've finally discovered a church that suits us both. I knew it when the choir of mixed ages sang the Beatle's "All You Need Is Love."

Go out into the world in peace.
Have Courage.
Hold on to what is good.
Return to no person evil for evil.
Strengthen the fainthearted.
Support the weak.
Help the suffering.
Honor all beings.

~Adapted from Paul's letter to the Thessalonians